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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  November 22, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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they stuck it to another opponent, 27-17. this time it wasn't all michael vick. he got help from mccoy, who had 111 yards from the yound. eagles improved to 7-3 and entered the conversation of one of the best in the nfc. today, what vdot crew will do this winter. officials say they have learned a lot from the two blizzard last year. the back-to-back snowstorms stretched resources to the max and it took a while to plow the roads and get people moving again. well, hope they're ready but hope they don't haveo use it. >> you want them to be ready. >> yes. . enough already. this morningatchy drizzle and fog to think about. you may want to leave a little bit early this morning. right now temperatures around the region generally in the 40s. and we do have visibilities that
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are rather low. later this afternoon, sunshine breaking out with highs reaching the low 60s. partly to mostly oudy. 40s by dawn tomorrow. clouding up in the afternoon. looks like rain is possible during the afternoon hours tuesday and into the evening. highs mid-60s before that happens. wednesday, for the big travel day,hould be dry. it will be chillier, though, in the morning. in the upper 30s. afternoon highs 50 degrees. ere could be travel problems with that rain tuesday afternoon and evening. but a better weather pattern is in store for us. appears now on wednesday. as we get into thanksgiving day, another front approaching. looks like it will be dry in the morning. by midday and afternoon, likely having showers ming through. it's going to be a chilly day. and temperatures will only reach perhaps the low 50s during the afternoon on thanksgiving day
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with morni lows to the low 40s. i'll have another update in ten minutes at 4:41. jerry, how is the traffic? tom, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. dreary morning it is. roads will be a little slick. road wk on the beltway around i-66 both directions. had lanes closed. also the outer loop from springfield towardlexandria. just be warned things will be dicey out there but not icy. top side of the beltway, college park to silver spring, both directions moving along nicely as monday morning gets under way. joe and eun. >> thank you, jerry. jurors in the chandra levy will room to the courtroom for the fourth day of dlekzs. ingmar guandique is facing two murder counts of the death of the washington intern. one of the counts requires jurors to find levy was assaulted before her death.
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a man is behind bars charged with stabbing a prince george's county police officer. this happened early yesterday outside a look tino restaurant. milton salvador pushed a security guard, who was trying to escort him outside. when he wouldn't cooperate, officers tried to arrest him. that's when salvador stand the officer with a large folding knife. he was taken to the hospital but is okay. salvador faces several counts, including attempted murder. grief counselors at a high school in manassas. 15i-year-old boy was stand and killed friday. another teen was beaten and stabbed saturday night but survived the attack. both stabbings are connected to gang violence. news 4's tracee wilkins is live in manassas with details. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. these incidents have been
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escalating sin summer. now it escalated all the way to murder. police are investigating miguel hernandez was stabbed and killed on his way home from school on friday. police say he was walking with a group of friends when several teenagers pulled him aside, juld him an held him as he was stand. he died in the hospital self hours later. 18-year-old fabriceeo martinez is also an osbourne high school student. a 17-year-old were both arrested and charged in connection with the murder. saturday, a 19-year-old stabbed at the grant avenue shopping center by gang members who police believe wereonnected to friday's 16-year-old victim. they're asking anyone with information to give them a call. there will be a stepped up poce presence at the high school. all of this is happening in this neighborhood. police are being very careful
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and stepping it up aga. live this morning. back to you in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. the manhunt i over. police arrested the suspect accused killing a co-worker and dumping his body in a cardboard box near an interstate highway. prosecutors have charged him with the death of vazquez. both worked in an office building steps from the capitol. pa lens ya believed vazquez was having an fair with his wife. his body was found three days later in a box along interate 70. this morning a maryland family is questioning montgomery county police after a crash that killed a father. it happened saturday afternoon along cherry hill road in silver spring. police say they were following a van after responding to a dostic dispute. terrence blackwell was on the
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scene. >> my question is it's such a residential area. why did this occur? >> we're not saying a pursuit occurred. we're saying this officer activated his lights and sirens in an attempt to get this vehicle to stop. >> police say they are still investigating the crash including speeds and other factors that led up to him. they have not said what charges he may face once reased from the hospital. a bailout for a cash-strapped country could affect trading around the world today. under the agreement, dors will give less than $140 billion combined to dubl banks. oil pris ineurope rose and asian stock markets opened mostly higher after news of this emergency bailout. >> archbishop whirl is
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officially a cardinal this morning. he was elevated to one of the highest positions this weekend at st. peter's basilica in rome. a scarlet better receipt ta signifies his nedesignation. only two from the united states. meanwhile, catholics around the world aret odds after recent comments by pope benedict. he said condoms could be used t only to prevend the spread of aids and hiv. others caution that it could open a window to a whole host of problems. >> the battle of contra separation remains. it's for medical purposes. the purpose is to prevent infection. >> the vatican has downplayed
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the comments reiterating this should not be seen as reform or change of the church's teaching. >> we here atbc 4 are work to go provide ahanksgiving meal to thousands of local families, and you can help. all day long we will be outside the verizon center for food for families. if you can't make it out, you can call our food for families hotline starting at 6:00 a.m. that number is 202-885-4949. we'll be at the verizon center collecting donations until 6:00 tonight >> ahead on news 4, al qaeda bragging about the mail bomb scare. what the tsa said about the growing number of pat-down complaints. a check of the 3q
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4:41. good morning. weather and traffic on the ones. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. we have patchy fog and drizzle to dl with. it's chilly. 30 shenandoah valley. these are the latest visibilities. minimum visibilities down to a quarter mile in several locations. and we'll have the morning fog and drizzle dissipating in the next several hours by mid morning. sun breaking out. highs reaching low suggestions. tomorrow, increasing clouds. mid-60s. likelihood of afternoon showers. the biggetaway day.
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thursday for thanksgiving day we could get showers mainly in the afternoon. and it will be cool with highs only in the low 50s. a look at friday, saturday and sunday in ten minutes at 4:51. jerry, good morning. how is the comte? >> tom, good morning. we'll check things out through southeast washington. light volume of traffic. pennsylvania avenue, south capital street, 295 all doing all right. even into tomorrow or the anacostia looks like there's a little bit of fog. over on i-66 eastbound, no early hangs from fair oaks to the beltway. college park to silver spring, we're okay. let's like we're doing all right through northeast washington as well >> 4:42. 49 degrees. amazing results of a local church's push to get healthy. plus, a little wile room. what the tsa chief said about those controversial patdowns. next, it happened again. a pilot in new york said he had to make an emergency la 3q
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4:44 is your time now. here's a look at the top stories we're following this morning. deliberationings will continue in the chandra levy trial. jurors have already been talking for three days wi no verdict. ingmar guandique is facing a murder count in the death of the washgton intern. 15-year-old miguel hernandez, a student at osbourne school, was stand while walking home from school. redskins went to tennessee and got the job done, leading 19-16. the win was impornt after an embarrsing showing last monday night. nine players left the game with injuries. an airliner made an emergency landing after a reported bird strike. delta air lineser was headed to moscow when it blew an engine causing a wing fire. no one was injured.
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all passengers were rerouted to other planes that took off for russia. we could see chans to the touch j security airports getting new flack. live from capitol hill with the story. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. a lot of people are upset about what's going on rightnow. if you go to airport screening and you refuse to go through the full body scanners, right now expect an aggressive, invasive and embarrassing pat-down. now the head of the tsa says those changes may not be permanent. marlene said she was humiliated the as cancer patient, she refused more radiation from the full body scanner and said this instead >> they come and cup the breast prosthesis and move it around to
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make sure it's really there. >> tsa chief says he understands public outrage over the hands-forward search, but he's trying to detect terrorists who hide bombs in their underwear. >> we're not changing the policies. >> reporter: hours later he said those policies may change as conditions warrant. uncomfortable? secretary state hillary clinton think so. >> wouldou submit to one of these patdowns? >> not if i could avoid it, no. who would? >> reporter: some are urging an opt-out holiday protest on weapons. many say it's a necessary invasion of privacy. if we go to cavity search th rubber gloves, i'll have a problem there. other than that, let her go. >> reporter: congress wants to take a closer look at the procedure and whether tsa is the agency that should be doing it. >> an upcoming congressional hearings, closer look at whether private security agents
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might actually do a better job. eun? >> tracie potts on capitol hill. tracie, thank you. >> editors of an online mag science promised small scale attacks. terrorists hid explosive in printer cartridges and tried to ship them on planes. the mission was cheap and only took four months to orchestrate. >> federal officials are react to go claims that north korea may have secrey built a highly sophisticated uranium enrichment plant. it came from an american scientist -- rather stanford professor hecker who was invited to tour earlier this month. he said it was, quote, stunng and that the level of technology was far bond what he expected from that isolated country. u.s. officials say they did not even know the plant was being built but are not surprised by north korea's nuclear ambition.
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>> all of this is consistent with belligerent behavior and the find of instability creation in a partof the world that is very dangerous. the u.s. sent boss worth to the region. he will talk about how to handle the discovery of that plant. a new trial date has been set for the three. sarah shourd has not been summoned to return to iran yet. her fiancee shane bauer and josh fattal remain in custody. they were hiking when they were e arrested for illegally crossing the border in 2009. bob ehrlich is saying mum on election day. he was a guest on wbal radio friday. they asked about the calls allegedly made by someone in his
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campaign and he replied, quote, no comment. more than 100,000 calls went out teing residents they could relax even though polls were still open. >> tom is here now. almost 4:51. another look at our weather. >> a little bit of sttered drizzle. it's a damp andchilly start to this monday morning. good morning. right now reagan national airport. you can see the fog there at the airport where thetemperature is 50 degrees. and the humidity is nearly 100%. a very gentle breeze right now. and we're going to have fog and patchy drizzle with us the next several hours. mid-40s in montgomery and fairfax county. arlington is near 50. it's in the upper 40s in prince george's county. southern maryland, chesapeake bay, temperatures in the 40s. patchy dense fog there. faher to the west, chillier.
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panhandle of west virginia. temperatures there are in the mid and upper 30s. above freezing. the's fog. winchester, ro visibility. and closer to washington, minimum visibility is in the suburbs and right around a half a mile. it's dipped down to a quarter mile. visibility is okay. three quarter mile visibility there. in the upper 30s. eastern shore, tidewater, near 40 degrees. the view from space the last 12 hours showing a few light clouds. giving a few showers in the upper midwest. thos may move in here tomorrow. right now, though, with the cloud cover in place, a little patchy drizzle and cloud skies, patchy fog through perhaps 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. in the 40s to near 50. by noon time, sun breaking out, upper 50s. low 60s this afternoon, partlily
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sun y. wel have that just past full moon trying to beam through the clouds from time ttime through the evening. bomg o tomorrow morning in the 40s. and during the day on tuesday, increasing ouds. after highs climbing into the mid-60s. likelihood of afternoon and evening showers. wednesday, partly cloudy. afternoon highs chilly. low 50s. thanksgiving day looking wet. could get more showers on friday but drying out and chiy for the weekend. tom, for the most part we're doing all right. it could be a difficult commute with visibility issues and wet ros. bear that in mind. 0, south out of hyattstown, rockville, gaithersburg, no eay hangups. the trip into tomorrow, new york avenue headed on down over the anacostia, bladeburg road, third street tunnel, travel lanes available for you. one more stop to check things
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out. south of town, wilson bridge okay. a lot of road work still wrapping up on the beltway. both directions around i-66. >> you will face higher prices at the pumps. gasoline prices are continuing to rise nationwide as one of the biggest holidays approaches. national average is $2.87, about 23 cents higher thanhat americans paid last year. luckily, the gas is averaging $2.99 in d.c. $2.87 in maryland. $2.77 in virginia. >> less driving during the recession meant good things for the environment. carbon dioxide dropped for the first time in a decade. it shows there is a close link between pollution and gross domestic product. with recent economic hard times
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that meant a 1.#% drop in global emissions from 2008 t 2009. even still the drop was less than predicted. it is not likely to last. carbon emiions may set a record this year. a church with a big weight loss goal. this morning they are que a bit leaner. members of the soul factory church just finished their 90-day weight loss challenge. they lost a collective 1,50 pounds. the pastor himself dropped 35 pounds with rular exercise and a raw diet. they got their health, bodies and relationships all in order. >> i lost 300 pounds in emotional weight because i would eat when i was stressed. because i did this mandate, things changed. my body changed. and so the emotional weight came off. my relationship with my wife improved. because i was now focused more
4:55 am
on jst making myself the best i could be, and&she did the same thing. >> they will give 200 needy families turk dinners. congratulations to all of them. >> great team effort by the church. 4:55, 49 degrees. coming up, where d.c. falls on the annual list of most dangerous cities >> still ahead at 5:00, the comment everyone will be talking about. why first lady barbara bush had to say about sarah palin. >>next, why less medicine has resulted in a d 3q
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parents, throw out all expired medicines. most of the kids who end up in the emergency room with bad reactions to cough syrup have gotten a hold of the medicine while parents were looking. a couple walking home from dinner at a popular restaurant in the district was brutally attacked. now people in the neighborhood where it happened are demanding changes. this attack happened wednesday night off u street between s and t streets. three arme men in ski masks attacked a woman who works as an au pair and her boyfriend. they kicked and punched the two before robbing them.
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it was so traumatizing the au pair's employer said she left the d.c. area for good. >> she is traumatized. she's scared to sleep. every time she closes her eyes she sees these three me and this act of violence that lasted about five minutes i think is going to follow her the rest of her life. neighbors say the alley used to hava guard station nearby but he was let go because of budget cuts. so far no arrests have been made. the list of most dangerous cities is out and there are some surprises. the study looked at crime in all 400 major metropolitan areas across the area. top of the list is st. louis. d.c. came in 22nd. surprisingly, new york city didn't even crack the top 250. and for the second yea in a row, colony, new york came in as the safest city in america.


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